1. I Haven’t Forgotten You!!

    Hi Friends,

    Just wanted to let you know I haven’t left; I’m just ├╝ber busy. Cartoons will resume once I’m not doing 14.5 hour days, which should hopefully be within a week or so. (And I guarantee you, these long days are rife with material.) Hang tight my brothers and sisters. Pray that I make it out of this shoot alive. ;)

  2. Caffeine Consolation

  3. Set Quote Sunday: Bow Down
    Still on set so it’s kind of still Sunday for me. Just go with it.

  4. On a show right now, so this is the best cartoon I could muster in the minute or so I had between takes….

  5. Set Quote Sunday: Fedoraphilia (?)

  6. Just Checking

  7. Set Quote Sunday: Getting Crafty

  8. Lost in Translation

  9. Set Quote Sunday: No Humor for You

  10. Job Hazards